On the Way to Build Muscle

18th January 2022

Authors and Illustrators 白宛玲 石佳儀 沈畇榕 楊喬恩 黃翊婷

Story inspired by 

Mouster on Story Meets Story 

Mouster from What Lives in Your Imagination story collection 
















台灣老鼠的老大之漢被滿太郎的誠意打動了,一邊從口袋掏出一張廣告單一邊說到:「如果你們現在加入Mouse Gym,不僅可以得到早鳥優惠,還能練出六塊腹肌喔!」


經過了一天的思考,鼠太郎們決定報團參加。他們一起穿著運動服,出現在Mouse Gym的櫃台。






於是,鼠太郎們每天到Mouse Gym報到,直到太陽下山才離開。為了早日練出腹肌,他們放棄了原本愛吃的火腿,開始天天吃健康的雞胸肉。但因為過程太痛苦了,許多福太郎的夥伴紛紛放棄健身,最後只剩下福太郎孤軍奮戰。


一個月過後,福太郎照著Mouse Gym的鏡子,發現期盼已久的六塊腹肌出現了!他興高采烈的找之漢炫耀,卻看到之漢的衣服底下藏著完美的八塊腹肌!







​(English Text)

After a few months, the mousters decided to go on a new adventure seeking more hams. On their way the spaceship was running out of fuel again, so they were forced to land in Taiwan this time.


One day, Frank and his mouster buddies went to the supermarket and stood in front of the refrigerator. They saw many different kinds of hams. They felt cheerful and started to discuss what to steal. While in the supermarket they ran into the taimouses, which were a kind of mouse only living in Taiwan.


Frank was shocked when he saw the taimouses because they all looked so strong and had six-pack abs! The mousters’ attention was taken by those taimouses, and they totally forgot that they were there for hams.


Frank looked at his potbelly and murmured, “Uhhhh, I want to be like them!”


At this moment Chubby, one of Frank’s buddies, mustered  up his courage to ask the taimouses, “What should I do to become as strong as you guys?”


The taimouses looked at him, turned their noses up and said, “Stop daydreaming! You will never be like us!”


“Please tell me!” Chubby looked at the taimouses with his “adorable beady mouse eyes”.


Melted by Chubby’s mouse eyes, Han, the leader of taimouses, took out a flyer from his pocket and said, “If you join the Mouse Gym now, you can not only get an early bird discount but also have a chance to build six-pack abs!”


After thinking for a day, all the mousters decided to join the Mouse Gym. They were decked out in sportswear and showed up at the counter of the Mouse Gym.


“We want to sign up for classes,” said Frank in a determined voice. “Please design classes for us! We are ready for training!”


Han saw the mousters and said, “Never thought you would show up. Okay. I will open classes just for you. Be ready for the intensive courses.”


The mousters went to the Mouse Gym every day and stayed until sunset. In order to have chiseled abs quicker, they gave up their favorite ham and started to eat healthy chicken breast. But the strict diet was too painful, one after another the mousters gave up, except for Frank.


After a month, Frank was looking at himself in the mirror at the Mouse Gym. He found the six-pack abs that he had been longing for appeared on his stomach. He went to Han delightfully to show him the result, but then he saw the amazing eight-pack abs under Han’s clothes.


Frustrated Frank went back to the supermarket looking for that refrigerator full of hams, and he started to gobble up all the hams.


“Ahhhh, this is what I call happiness!” He said satisfyingly.


Frank didn’t lose any weight but gained some. However, he lived happily ever after with other mousters and went on another trip to look for delicious hams.