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If A Cat Was Turned into Toast 

23rd November 2021

Written by By by Conor (Age 9, Co. Kildare)

Translated by 龐啟真  張仁奎  王翔岳  李長軒  游政諺

Illustrated by 何驊臻  莊皓婷  錢欣伶  楊鎧憶  郭芷妤

嗨,你可能會覺得當一片吐司和一隻貓很無聊吧! 但事實並非如此。 




我的主人是查理,我和查理還有他爸媽住在一起。 你可能會好奇我爲什麼我既是吐司又是貓,原因是有一次我不小心被不明的雷射槍給照到。在那之後,只要有壞人跟我擦身而過,那個人就會立刻全身著火。 


我的冒險是從一名邪惡大王困住我最好的朋友開始的,我最好的朋友也是我唯一的同類,脆皮。 我們的故事是從我家開始的,而那裡也是我希望能展開冒險的地方。 




我不應該笑,但我的嘴角還是忍不住。 「你…沒事吧?」查理憂心忡忡地說。




我知道脆皮被困住是一件非常嚴重的事,但我們還真有一段時間沒有冒險了。 經歷了長途跋涉後,我們來到了哈羅德山洞的入口。




 「我們想和波什法斯談談。」 查理生氣地説。








「哇哈哈哈!你永遠無法阻止... 」



​(Original Text)

Hi. You probably think that being a piece of toast AND being a cat would be boring. But it’s NOT.

My name is Toastie and I’m a hybrid between a cat and a piece of toast. You could call me a hybread.

My owner is Charlie, and I also live with his mum and dad. You are probably wondering how I’m a piece of toast as well as a cat. Well, I accidentally got in the way of a ray gun with unknown effects. Whenever I rub on someone that’s evil, I can confirm that they start going on fire.

My adventure starts when an evil overlord trapped my best friend, the only other one of MY kind, Crusty. Our story begins at my home, where I was wishing for an adventure.

“I’m SO bored. I wish there was an adventure I could go on!” I said.  Suddenly, without warning, Charlie told me Crusty had been trapped by Harold Poshface.

I really shouldn’t have, but I smiled. “Are you okay?” said Charlie worryingly.

“OF COURSE I’M OKAY! I FINALLY HAVE AN ADVENTURE!” Charlie and I had lunch and then we set off, a spring in our step as we went.

Now I know this was a life-or-death situation, but we had not had an adventure for a while. After a long sturdy trek, we came to Harold’s cave’s entrance.

“What’s your business?” said the guard.

“We wish to speak to Poshface.” Charlie says, annoyed.

“Ah yes, Barry and Toastie. We have been expecting you. Come in.”

“IT’S CHARLIE!” Charlie muttered through gritted teeth. And then we walked in.

“Help!” shouted Crusty. Just then, we spotted the poshest, evilest dog we would EVER see. “MWAHAHAHA! You will never stop- “

Then he was burned. 

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