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Lobster Treasure Hunt

18th January 2022

Authors and Illustrators  王佳瑜  彭文欣  林佑宣  張清宜  吳芮蕎

Story inspired by

 Chameleon Capers  on Story Meets Story 

 Chameleon Capers  from What Lives in Your Imagination story collection 




阿力: 是誰的聲音?


阿力: 啊! 原來是一隻小魚被卡在石頭縫裡呀!

魚: 可以請你幫幫我嗎?

阿力: 你會給我錢嗎?

魚: 可是我沒有錢耶。

阿力: 那這樣我就沒有辦法幫你了耶

魚: 你為什麼會需要錢呢?

阿力: 因為有了錢,大家就會受我控制!

魚: 聽起來你只是需要朋友!因為你想要大家可以關注著你,對吧?如果你不介意的話,我可以當你的朋友!

阿力: 真的嗎?! 那你會聽我說話嗎?可以陪我一起去看電影、逛街和吃飯嗎?

魚: 當然可以! 這些不是朋友該做的事嗎?


魚: 謝謝你救了我,我的朋友應該很擔心我。

阿力: 朋友? 我從小到大都沒有朋友,我好可憐。

魚: 為什麼你會沒有朋友? 在你遇到困難時,沒有人可以聽你訴說和陪伴你嗎?


魚: 噢! 好痛!

阿力: 怎麼了?

魚: 我很謝謝你剛剛用大螯解救我,但是跟我握手的時候真的太用力了,好痛啊!

阿力: 原來是這樣呀,都沒有人跟我說過,難怪他們會不跟我做朋友。
魚: 你現在懂這個道理了!走吧,我帶你去認識我的朋友。



​(English Text)

In the deep and chilly sea, the lobster kept searching for the treasures.

Fish: “HELP!!”

Lobster: Whose voice is it?

Lobster kept looking for the sound.

Lobster: Ah!  It turns out to be a small fish stuck in a crack in the stone!

Fish: Can you help me, please?

Lobster: Will you pay me the money?

Fish: But… I don’t have any money.

Lobster: Uh oh! I can’t help you, sorry about that.

Fish: Why do you need money?

Lobster: Once I have money, everyone will be under my control!

Fish: It sounds like you just need friends. You just crave attention, am I right? If you don't mind, I can be your friend!

Lobster: Really? Will you listen to me?  Can you go to the movies, go shopping and have dinner with me?

Fish: Of course, I can! Aren’t these things a friend should do?

After listening to the words that Fish said, Lobster smashed the stone immediately and saved Fish out of the crack.

Fish: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for saving me! My friend should be so worried about me…

Lobster: Friend? I am a lonely guy who has no friends in my life… Poor me…

Fish: You have no friends in your life? Don’t you have anyone who can listen to you and accompany you when you are facing difficulties?

Lobster: I don’t know why… Every time I met a new friend, I would shake hands with them like this ( grabbing the fish with its claws).

Fish: Oh my god! It hurts so much.

Lobster: What’s wrong?

Fish: Thank you for using your big “hands” to save me. However, anything can be a double-edged sword, just like the way you use your claws. You have to learn how to control your strength.

Lobster: Wow, I learned a lot! Instead of telling me the truth, everyone just stay away from me without a backward glance.

Fish: Don’t worry! Now, you knew the reason. I can’t wait to introduce my friends to you now.

From then, Lobster remembered what Fish had taught him and learned to control his claws. He gave help to whoever was in trouble under the sea; although he didn’t find any treasures eventually, he became so popular and was loved by all the sea animals.


The end

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