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The Magical Bird Feeder

7th December 2021

Written by Ruairí (Age 10, Co. Cork)

Translated by 王佳瑜  彭文欣  林佑宣  張清宜  吳芮蕎

Illustrated by 洪汶卉  閻昭茵  吳汶錡  王俞文  郭芳岑
















​(Original Text)

Once upon a time there was a robin called Ross. Ross loved playing with his best friends Mac and Cheese. They all had great fun together.


The bigger birds always picked on Ross, Mac and Cheese, but they took no notice of it, until Ross was banished from the kingdom by the king for being too small.


The king was a very mean bird.


Ross was sad so he went exploring to cheer himself up. He found a bird feeder in the middle of a hay field, but there was only one seed in the feeder.


He ate it anyway and the seed kept coming and coming and coming. And before he knew it, he was very big!


Ross went back and everyone was so surprised, including Mac and Cheese! So, Ross led Mac and Cheese to the magical bird feeder and the trio were never picked on again.  

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