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The Big Explosion

14 September 2022
























Written by Wicklow Montessori School, Wicklow Town, Senior  Infants, 1st & 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow

Translated by  江心誼   吳寀綸  郭沛柔  羅于晴  王亭汶

Illustrated by 陳玠甫  陳俊文  蔡柏宇  王仁澤

(Original Text)

One morning, Queen Hannah sent her secret notebook to King Axe explaining that a Giant Robot was nearly destroying her castle.


Queen Hannah hoped that the Giant Robot would destroy himself before he entered the castle.


King Axe sent back a response telling Queen Hannah a meteor was heading straight for them.


‘AHHHHHH’ screamed Queen Hannah.Queen Hannah immediately sent a letter in her secret notebook asking King Axe to meet her outside the castle.


Queen Hannah had her guards on the castle wall to protect her. Later that day, they met outside the castle. “RUN AWAY!” said King Axe.


“Never!” replied Queen Hannah confidently.


Out of nowhere the Giant Robot appeared and tried to kick the castle with his foot but he ended up kicking his face.


“OWW,” said the Giant Robot. “Sorry Sir!”


Queen Hannah and King Axe dragged the Giant Robot right into the meteors path and left him there. They barely made it out in time…

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