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Shoey and the Mysterious Island

Written by St Joseph’s Primary School 5th and 6th Class Templemore, Co. Tipperary

Translated and Illustrated by Tiffany and Kiki

Shoey the shoe was on a magical island and he was feeling very distressed. He used to be a human but the island had transformed him into a pink Nike shoe.

Shoey was hungry and was hopping along the sand, trying to find some carrots (which he didn’t usually like) to eat when he came upon a sock called Socky.

Shoey was cold and thought to use the sock as a blanket. When he went to wrap himself in the sock, it screamed.

“AAAAHHHH!” the sock screamed.

Shoey hopped back, startled.

“What in the spaghetti hoops do you think you’re doing?” Socky demanded.

“Are you able to hop too?” Shoey asked.

“No, I move like a worm. I learned from the greatest, the best – Wendy the Worm,” Socky told him.

Shoey and Socky were hopping and wriggling along the beach, still looking for carrots, when they came across something unexpected.


Shoey was paralysed with fear. The Big Hairy Toe (also known as BHT) was guarding every carrot on the island.

Socky was not afraid of the BHT because they had history. That is how he found out that BHT had taken Wendy the Worm hostage.

Shoey and Socky went to sit under a coconut tree and started plotting how to get Wendy back.

Phase One of the plan was for Socky to distract the BHT and for Shoey to wait for the signal to rescue Wendy. But the signal never came!

Shoey was worried and set off to investigate. When he got to the BHT’s lair, he saw Socky being dragged into a coconut cage with Wendy the Worm.

What would Shoey do next? He would have to complete Phase Two by himself and find a matching shoe…






「你腦子有洞嗎?知不知道你在做什麼啊?」 襪奇生氣地說。










鞋弟下一步該怎麼辦? 他將要自己完成計畫的第二步,還要找到另一隻跟他配對的鞋子......

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