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Roll's Adventure

Written by Stone, Amber, Mia and Penny

Illustrated by Stone, Amber, Mia and Penny

Once upon a sunny island in the clouds, there lived a little bear named Roll. Roll liked to use a fan to cool off, but one day, a big wind blew his math test out of the window. Oh no! Roll was worried because he got a bad grade. He was afraid his friends would find out, so he decided to go on an adventure to find his lost paper.

As Roll chased the flying paper, he met a crying kitten who kept saying, "My test paper, my test paper!" Roll caught the paper and thought it was his, but it belonged to the kitten. When he returned it, he saw a beautiful illustration of the sunny island on that test paper. The kitten thanked him and explained how much effort she had put into capturing the beautiful sunrise. Roll was surprised. Even though she got a D on the test, she didn't mind the low score.

Roll didn't give up on finding his math test. He kept walking and found another paper flying in the air. This time, a sad puppy said, "My test paper, my test paper!" Roll caught that paper again, and the puppy thanked him. The puppy was afraid of getting scolded by his mom because littering was not allowed. His mother used to tell him that papers had to be well recycled to protect the sunny island.

On his adventure, Roll met a bear named Rock. Roll noticed that Rock was feeling sad and offered to help. Rock shared with Roll that he wanted to make a hat as a birthday gift for his brother but didn’t know how. Suddenly, a strong wind blew, and Roll found his test paper! "Oh! You got a B on your math test," said Rock. "Yes, but I'm not disappointed anymore. Let's make a hat out of this paper for your brother's birthday gift!" said Roll. They made a paper hat together, and Roll was invited to Rock’s brother’s birthday party at the beautiful Sunny Lake.

As Roll heard someone calling his name in the distance, he woke up and realized it was all a dream. His math test was safe on his desk. He felt happy and ready for a new day of fun and sunshine on the sunny island. And that's the end of Roll's adventure!




重新踏上尋找考卷的途中,阿輪這次遇到了一隻名叫阿礫的小熊,阿礫看起來很煩惱,於是阿輪決定停下來幫助他。阿礫告訴阿輪他想要做一頂帽子當作哥哥的生日禮物,但不知道該怎麼做。就在這時,突然一陣強風吹了過來,阿輪終於找到了自己的考卷!「哦!你數學考試拿B級分。」阿礫說道。 「是啊!我現在一點也不覺得難過了,就用這張考卷做成一頂帽子送給你的哥哥吧!」阿輪開心地說。他們一起動手做了一頂紙帽子,之後阿礫邀請阿輪去參加他哥哥在陽光湖畔舉辦的生日派對。


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