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Halloween Night

Written by Serena, Claire and Amy

Illustrated by Serena, Claire and Amy

Once upon a time, there was a little penguin named Polly living on an icy island. On Halloween night, Polly ventured out to collect candy. She walked for a while but didn’t find any. Suddenly, Polly stepped on a piece of thin ice and fell into a cave filled with bones. "Oh no! How am I going to get out of here?" she cried aloud.

Polly tried to escape, but the cave was like a big maze. Fortunately, she bumped into Felix, a bat living there. Felix told her that all the candy was on the deepest side of the cave, controlled by the wolf, Dex. Polly decided to find all the candy back and asked Felix to go with her.

They walked in the cold and darkness. When they reached the deepest corner, they heard some noises. It was the greedy and sneaky Dex who had taken all the candy and was sleeping on a big candy box. They came up with a plan. Felix gathered his friends and flew above Dex, pretending to steal candy to lead him away from the box. “Don't you dare to touch my candies!” Dex shouted. The strategy worked, and Dex chased bats out as expected. Polly immediately took the candy box and escaped the other way.

As Polly approached the exit, she heard a howl not far behind. She knew she had been discovered. Seeing that Dex was about to catch up, Polly shouted to Felix for help and jumped out of the cave. Outside the cave was the sea. Felix and his friends grabbed the candy box and quickly flew into the air. Polly was finally safe and swam away. Dex couldn't do anything but left.

After that, Polly and Felix shared the candies with others and had a special Halloween night together. Dex couldn't get any due to his selfishness. Also, Polly accidentally got a magic candy that could make her fly. “It was the best Halloween night ever!” said Polly.










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