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The Sky Castle

Written by Celine, Olivia and Cathy

Illustrated by Celine, Olivia and Cathy

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious island that floated in the sky, where a group of fairies resided. On this splendid island was a castle called Calia, where Prince Maelor and Princess Maelia lived alongside their kind and loyal guinea pig pet, Leyna.

In Calia, there was a fountain full of sprinkles. These magical sprinkles allowed the prince and princess to create their ideal clothing. Without this sprinkled fountain, the castle and the island would also disappear.

Gale and Wren were jealous of Maelor and Maelia for their ability to wear beautiful clothes and live in a gorgeous castle.

Wren said, "I want it too. I want to be the prettiest girl on this island." Gale suggested, "Let’s do something exciting."

At night, Gale and Wren sneaked into Calia to steal sprinkles and bumped into Leyna.

Leyna asked, "What are you guys doing?" Gale replied, "Shh! We are a step away from stealing the sprinkles." They took a huge bag and spooned plenty of sprinkles into it.

Gale and Wren ran away after getting caught by Leyna. Leyna was scared, so she hid under a closet.

The next morning, Maelor and Maelia didn’t see Leyna, so they started to find her.

Maelia finally found Leya and questioned, "Leyna, why are you here? What happened?" Leyna heard Maelia calling her, so she came out.

Leyna explained, "I, las, last night, I heard some strange sounds. So I went to check, and then I saw two people were stealing our sprinkles. Not just a little, a lot!!!" Maelia inquired, "Who? Who dares?" Leyna responded, "It seemed to be Gale and Wren if I didn't see it wrong."

Suddenly, the ground started to tremble as the island was losing too many sprinkles, and the ground became unstable. On their way to escape, Wren and Gale felt the earthquake under their feet. “I’m scared. The island is going to collapse,” said Wren. “Me too. I don’t know what to do now,” said Gale.

Maelor, Maelia, and Leyna finally found Gale and Wren at a little hut by the lake.

Wren exclaimed, "We want to wear gorgeous clothes like you and live in a luxurious castle. It’s not fair." Maelia suggested, "What if we properly distribute some sprinkles to everyone after ensuring the castle's and the island's safety from now on?" Gale and Wren replied, "All right. We are so sorry; we didn’t mean to hurt the island."

Finally, the island restored peace, and everyone got some sprinkles to create their beautiful clothes.

很久很久以前,有一座漂浮在天空中的神祕島嶼,島上住了一群精靈 。這座華麗的島嶼上有一棟城堡名為卡麗雅,城堡裡住著一位名叫梅樂的王子和一位名叫梅莉雅的公主,還有他們善良忠心的寵物豚鼠雷納。






「你們在做什麼? 」雷納問。





梅莉雅終於找到雷納並問:「雷納,你為什麼在這裡? 發生了甚麼事情? 」聽到了梅莉雅的聲音,雷納從壁櫥下面跑出來。


「誰? 誰這麼大膽?」梅莉雅緊問。








「從現在開始,如果在確定城堡和島嶼的安全之下,我們適當分配一些金粉給大家這樣好不好? 」梅莉雅建議。



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