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The Red Shoes

Written by Samuel, Toby, Novi and Sylvia

Illustrated by Samuel, Toby, Novi and Sylvia

Once upon a time, in the middle of a city, there was a young girl called Jeva, with beautiful brown eyes and pretty silky red hair. She lived with her loving grandma. Having just graduated from college, she couldn’t wait to get a job.

One sunny day, Grandma told Jeva she had something for her. She took out an old wooden box with a mysterious black padlock.

When she opened it, a pair of shiny, beautiful red shoes was inside.

Grandma said, “These shoes used to bring me on the most wonderful journey in my life. Now, they are meant just for you.” Jeva was excited.

She put on the red shoes and started dancing happily. "I will wear this to my job interview today!"

But something strange happened. When she tried to enter the interview room, suddenly, her feet started moving on their own. She grabbed the door, but her feet kept forcing her to walk away from the room.

Jeva went back home sadly, wondering why her new shoes acted so mysteriously.

“Don’t be sad, my dear. Maybe it is not a job you have always wanted from the bottom of your heart. Why don't you go on a vacation? You might find something more exciting!"

Jeva packed her things, wearing her beautiful sky-blue dress and straw hat. Suddenly, she was shocked that her shoes flew on their own in front of her eyes. Seeing that, her grandma chuckled and said, “I forgot to tell you, these are magic shoes. They will lead you to good people and good things only. Who knows, they will bring you to the dream job you want!”

Jeva’s shoes took her to the harbor and guided her to a colorful ship. It was a huge rainbow-colored ship.

She jumped on the deck without thinking. Not long after, she was amazed to see a floating island in the sky!

The ship started to fly, surrounded by flying fishes and dandelions.

When she arrived on the island, she found mushroom trees everywhere. The grass was so green. There were even swimming cats in the river, running sloths, and talking animals!

Jeva asked a rabbit, “You can talk?” The rabbit said, “Of course I can!”

In the middle of the island, there were many crazy buildings and one beautiful crystal water fountain. The buildings were shaped like toasts, croissants, beverages, and even ice cream. These were all her favorites.

Her shoes started to fly again and led her to a toast-like building with a sign on the door:

“We need you!”

Jeva grinned and said to herself, “I want this job!”

Jeva opened the door and bumped into a beautiful man who was also trying to open the door from inside.

He said with a warm smile, "Hi, I'm Arthur! I heard that you want this job. I'm the manager here. Welcome to our big, happy family!”

And so, Jeva started her new adventure, filled with enchanting places and wonderful friends. She also took her grandma to this magical island and lived happily with her. Jeva found the job she always wanted.

It is time for other people to wear these shoes and make their dreams come true. Do you want to have a wonderful journey with these beautiful red shoes?




奶奶說:「這雙鞋曾經帶我度過一生中最美好的旅程。現在,它屬於妳的了。」 伊娃聽了很興奮。











在小島中央有許多形狀奇怪的建築物和一座華麗的水晶噴水池。 這些建築物的形狀有些長得像吐司和牛角,有些像飲料甚至冰淇淋。這些都是她最愛吃的食物。

此時,她的鞋子又飛了起來,帶領著她到一棟像吐司的建築物, 門上寫著:「我們需要你!」 愛娃笑著自言自語說:「我想要這份工作!」





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