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William vs the Island

Written by St Oliver Plunkett’s National School
Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
6th Class

Translated and Illustrated by Samuel, Toby, Novi and Sylvia

William the Dragon Hunter was in school. He was sitting in maths class when they were calculating when the magical island they lived on – Dragon Island - would sink again. It sank every year.

William was bored and daydreaming about camping in the woods.

Brrrrr went to bell. It was the end of the day. He walked home and when he arrived at the place where his house was supposed to be, it was burnt to the ground.

His family was missing. He looked around and saw some ashes. He thought they may be his parents.

Suddenly he saw his sister lying on the ground.

With her last breath, she whispered, “Seek revenge on the dragon who did this – the biggest dragon in the world…”

William cried for his family.

He went down to the basement and found his bow still intact in the chest. It had been his father’s bow since he was a child. William’s father had been a dragon hunter too and his sidekick was a squirrel called Patricia. But William had never seen her before.

He went into the woods to search for her.

It was dusk and William was afraid because it was starting to get dark, and he had to hunt the biggest dragon in the world. He had only ever hunted baby dragons.

He knew during the night that wolves roamed around but if he found Patricia, she would help him.

In exhaustion and fright, William passed out. When he woke up, he found himself in a cave. There were chittering noises behind him. When he turned around, there was a squirrel.

The squirrel recognised the bow, “Are you John's son?”

“Yes, I am,” replied William. “Are you Patricia?”

“Am I hallucinating?” asked Patricia. “Your father left me behind on our last mission, and the biggest dragon in the world got away.”

“That’s the dragon that burned our house down,” said William.

“He burned your house down because he knew your father wouldn’t fight back,” Patricia informed him. “I know where they stay.”

William knew that they would have to travel over the volcanic mountains to the other part of the island where the dragons lived. But first, they needed to get past the guard of wolves…







他來到家裡的地下室,發現他的弓箭仍然完好無損放在箱子裡。 這是威廉的爸爸從小用到大的一把弓箭。威廉的爸爸也是一名獵龍者,他的助手是一隻名叫派翠西亞的松鼠,但是威廉從來沒有見過她。







「我不是在作夢吧?」 派翠西亞說。「你爸爸在最後一次任務時丟下了我,而且也讓世界上最大的巨龍給逃走了。」


「因為牠知道你爸爸沒辦法反擊,所以才會燒掉你家」 派翠西亞告訴他。「我知道巨龍現在在哪裡。」


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