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Billy and the Lost Island

Written by Fighting Words Tipperary Moycarkey National School Thurles, Co. Tipperary 4th Class

Translated and Illustrated by Stone, Amber, Mia and Penny

Billy the rock appeared on a lost island in the Pacific Ocean. He was feeling depressed because he was by himself – he was lonely.

Twenty years had passed and he had been looking for a way out for all that time. Billy was so mad that his rough face scrunched up.

One day, Billy came across a piece of grass called Gary. Gary was having the time of his life. He was surrounded by millions of friends and there were loads of storms to help him grow tall.

Billy said, “Do you know the exit to this island?”

“How’s she cuttin’?” replied Gary.

“I’ll be cuttin’ you if you don’t tell me the exit!” said Billy.

““There is no exit because this island is magic,” Gary told him. “There are fairies, silver-tooth tigers and the island has a mind of its own. Once you step foot on the island, you can’t leave.”

Gary saw Billy’s disappointment and took him back to his tree.

“If you really want to get off this island, you might try speaking to Dr Bacon, the king of the island,” said Gary.

Billy made his way to the middle of the island, where there was a castle surrounded by a lake. Next to the lake, there was a big tree that calmed minds.

Billy was so nervous that he needed to calm his mind. When he went over to the tree, he realised that Dr Bacon had taken the tree’s calming powers away. Billy went back to the lake and tried to skip himself across it.

But he failed and fell in!

Just then, Billy saw a plane crash onto the island. Out came a human and Billy thought this was his chance to escape…














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