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Harry The Dragon & The Magical Island

Written by Fighting Words Kildare Scoil Mhuire Senior School Newbridge, Co. Kildare 5th Class

Translated and Illustrated by Nicole, Benjamin, Simon and Terry

In a faraway magical island, there lived a dragon called Harry and his friend Amelia the Strawberry. Harry loved to play Fireball, and his greatest wish was to become human.

The magical island sat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and only dragons could reach it. However, wizards could teleport there, and they built their own town hall.

One misty morning a plane crashed into the biggest tower the dragons had built and then a passing ship stopped to refuel. More wizards appeared on the island and Harry the Dragon fled to find a cave to hide in.

The presence of the wizards caused a fight with the dragons and suddenly the population of dragons died down.

Two weeks passed by, and a dragon flew over Harry’s cave. It dropped a letter at Harry’s blue door, at the entrance of his cave.

The letter read:

Dear Harry,

I am sending you on a quest to stop this war between the dragons and the wizards.


Jack, the Leader of Dragons

Harry pulled out some stone - that turned to paper - but when he tried to write, he was shivering, and his mind went blank. Before Harry could think of what to write there was a knock at the door.

Harry jumped and ran for his escape boat outside, located at the back of his cave.

Harry took some time to calm himself down. He was afraid that he would split the island in half. So, he turned on his favourite song by Harry Styles and meditated to ‘As It Was’. By the end of the song, he was dancing and feeling calm.

When he returned to his cave he saw Jack, The Leader of Dragons, holding Amelia the Strawberry by her leaves.

“What’s wrong?” asked Harry.

“Amelia was being mischievous again,” said Jack.

“Let me go now!” shouted Amelia as she tried to bite Jack.

“What did she do now?” asked Harry.

“Never mind that…” started Jack. “I want to challenge you to a Fireball match. If you win, I will release Amelia. But if I win you must go on the quest.”

“Can Amelia go too?” asked Harry.

“Amelia can go if she plays with you,” said Jack.

“But she can’t breathe fire,” replied Harry.

In the end, Amelia was the ref, and Harry and Jack invited two friends to play two-a-side. Jimmy Bob Joe was on Harry’s team, and Lester was on Jack’s team.

Jack’s team won and the score was 4-2.

Harry was distressed because he had to leave his magical island and go on a quest to stop the war between dragons and wizards…









龍族領袖 捷克龍








「她做了什麼嗎?」 哈利問道。

「你別管這麼多… 」傑克說著。「和我來一場火球比賽吧!如果你贏了,我會放走艾米莉亞。但若是我贏了,你必須去阻止這場戰爭。」







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