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Written by Sean, Kevin, Uri and Kenny

Illustrated by Sean, Kevin, Uri and Kenny

Elims was a twelve-year-old girl who lived a normal life with a loving family. However, she faced a few challenges that had troubled her for a long time. First, she was too shy and timid. She was eager to make friends but lacked the courage to start a conversation. Second, she spoke so softly that, no matter how hard she tried, her voice remained as quiet as a mosquito's buzz. Lastly, the biggest problem that troubled her the most was that she didn't know how to smile.

One day, in the dead of night, she was drawing as usual. After a few minutes, she started dozing off and fell asleep with the paintbrush still in her hand.

Elims was awakened by the freezing air. She looked around and found herself on a small iceberg covered in ice and snow, much like the coldness and loneliness she felt in her heart. After a while, a polar bear moved nearby.

"Hello, I'm your new neighbor," the polar bear said. Elims looked at the polar bear but was too afraid to talk to a stranger. As the sun broke the sky, the ice started to melt. The iceberg was getting too small, so they had to move closer to each other. Eventually, the ice they lived on became so small that they were about to sink.

"What should we do now?" the polar bear asked anxiously.

Elims was too shy to say a word, but she looked down and noticed she had her paintbrush in her hand. She could feel that the paintbrush had magic. She quickly drew a large piece of ice, and her drawing turned into a gigantic iceberg. They ran to the new iceberg and found relief. Elims was happy, and so was the polar bear. She drew herself a boat and bid the polar bear farewell.

Later, Elims arrived on an island filled with lions. She was terrified because the lions roared loudly. But she met a lion who spoke as softly as she did.

“Oh… my throat! It hurts so much,” softly cried the lion.

"May... maybe I can help you?" Elims stuttered.

Elims took a magic eraser from her pocket and mustered up the courage to remove the fishbone from the lion’s throat. “ROARRRRR!!!” shouted the lion. The fishbone disappeared. “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Elims screamed back. “You scared me,” Elims yelled. “Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to. By the way, I didn’t know your voice was that clear and bright. Thank you so much! Now I can roar again!” said the lion.

Elims was surprised by how loud she could scream too. She said goodbye to the lions and continued her journey.

Elims came to the last island and immediately noticed something was wrong. The island was colorless. She walked into a small village, and only one house was colored.

"Hello!" Elims knocked on the door curiously, "the door is not locked. You can come in," said the house owner.

Inside the house, there was a lonely painter who owned the house.

She asked the painter, "Your house is beautiful. Did you paint it yourself?" Elims tried to make a smile, but she was too shy.

The painter replied, "You must be joking. You don’t even look like you like my house. I don't think other villagers like colors too. No one painted their house or has ever said that my work is beautiful."

Elims found numerous pieces of mail in the mailbox next to the door as she walked inside the house. She told the painter, and they carried them inside the house.

Dear Mr. Collar, we love your house. Could you come and help us repaint our front door?” “Dear Mr. Collar, I know this sounds strange. But the pink color of your roof makes me think of my grandma a lot. Would you like to come to my house for tea sometime? I'd love to introduce her to you!” “Dear Mr. Collar….

The painter couldn’t believe what he read. Elims felt happy for him too. They carried the paint to knock on every door on the island, offering help to decorate their houses. That night, Elims, the painter, and all the villagers had a great party at the painter’s front garden.

Suddenly, Elims felt very sleepy, so she took a nap.

When she woke up, she realized she had fallen asleep while drawing. She stretched and looked at her painting. A happy polar bear was on the vast iceberg, a group of lions roaring with their mouths wide open, and the painter waving and smiling happily. Elims found it so magical, and she smiled.






可是以琳太害羞了,一個字也說不出來,但她低頭一看,發現手裡還拿著她的畫筆,畫筆就像有魔法一樣,她很快地畫了一大塊冰,冰瞬間變成了一座巨大的冰山。 他們一起跑向冰山,終於鬆了一大口氣。 以琳很開心,北極熊也很高興,然後她為自己畫了一艘船,告別了北極熊往下個目的地出發。


















親愛的柯領先生,我知道這聽起來有點奇怪,您粉紅色的屋頂讓我想起了奶奶。來喝杯茶吧! 我想介紹她給您!」「親愛的柯領先生,……




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