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10th February 2022

八篇奇幻故事 從兒童想像力與創意中找靈感

大學生們從兒童寫作的故事集What Lives in Your Imagination中找到充沛靈感,並創作了八篇全新的奇幻故事與插圖,每篇故事將激發你無限的想像力。快來享受圖文的魔力吧! 同時,別忘了滑過插圖上方為你喜歡的故事按讚!

What Lives in Your Imagination 是與本網站合作的兒童藝文機構Fighting Words Ireland 在2021年1月所發起的一項計畫。計畫邀請年齡7-12歲的小朋友創作有關動物或生物(真實或想像)的故事。這次活動收到了超過120件來自愛爾蘭各地小朋友的投稿。

Eight Magical Stories Inspired by Children's Imagination and Creativity 

Inspired by a story collection from the project of What Lives in Your Imagination, our college students wrote and illustrated eight magical stories that will make your imagination run wild! Enjoy all the tales and vote for your favorite ones by simply clicking the heart button that appears once you hover over each image. 

What Lives in Your Imagination was a project organized by Fighting Words Ireland in January 2021. Writers aged 7-12 were invited to tell a story about an animal or creature - real or imagined. Over 120 stories, poems and illustrations were received from young writers all over the island of Ireland.

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