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10th January  2023

探索 The 100 Years Project

​八支全新的故事動畫已經上架囉! 在愛爾蘭兒童藝文中心Fighting Words所帶領的The 100 Years Project計畫中,大學生以當地小朋友所寫的故事製作了八支全新的中/英文故事動畫!

從一台微波爐的驚悚冒險到恐怖的泰迪熊,你可以在我們的網站上找到一系列神奇的中英文故事,趕快到Listen to the Tales去釋放你的想像力,發掘更多精彩的故事動畫!


Discover New Animated Tales from
The 100 Years Project

Eight new animated tales are ready for watching on our website! Our college students have created 8 short videos adapted from the stories in the 100 Years Project Collection. These stories are originally written by Irish pupils and now available in both Mandarin Chinese and English as animated videos! From the thrilling adventure of a microwave to the fight against a haunted teddy bear, you can find a wide range of excitingly magical stories here on Story Meets Story. Now click on Listen to the Tales and let your imagination run wild!

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