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5th June  2023


歡迎來到愛爾蘭百年歷史企劃! 準備好跳上奇幻時光機一起進入故事中的冒險吧…

Fighting Words Ireland跟當地許多學校一同籌辦寫作工作坊以及各式活動,邀請學童想像一百多年前在愛爾蘭這塊島嶼上小朋友和年輕人的生活面貌。今年同樣參與這次企劃的大同大學應外系學生,除了將當地孩子寫的英文故事翻譯成中文,也設計出許多搞怪插圖。應外系更難得與愛爾蘭國家藝術學院(NCAD)共同合作,為國外學生所製作的故事動畫配音。所有的作品將於6/5-6/9大同大學志生紀念館展出,快來跟我們一起慶祝這場美麗的跨文化交流!

The 100 Years Project Story Exhibition

Welcome to the 100 Years Project. Get ready to jump into the imaginary time machine and bring back stories of your adventures…


Fighting Words Ireland has organized creative writing workshops and projects with school students at primary and post-primary levels around the question: What was life like for children and young people on the island of Ireland a hundred years ago? As part of this project, the TTU AFL students have translated some 100 Years stories into Mandarin Chinese and created the quirky illustrations to match! They have also collaborated with the National College of Arts and Design(NCAD) to do voice dubbing for the animations created by the art majors. All of the creative work will be showcased at the Zhi-sheng Memorial Hall at Tatung University from the 5th to the 9th of June. To celebrate this beautiful cross-cultural collaboration, make sure to catch these amazing animated tales at our venue and experience the magic for yourself!

Animated Tales 
Jack and the Magical Special Peculiar Teddy Bear
Bloody Sunday in Máirtín's Words


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