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4th October 2022

Fighting Words 愛爾蘭線上歡聚​

大同大學應用外語系非常開心能夠再次邀請到愛爾蘭兒童藝文中心Fighting Words的總經理Sara Bennett以及The 100 Years Project的負責人Sean Farrelly, 一同參與這場線上的聚會。在會議中Sara分享了她如何引導孩童和青少年說寫故事的寶貴經驗,Sean也針對這次應外系即將參與的The 100 Years Project做詳細解說。這項計畫邀請了愛爾蘭當地的孩童,發揮創意聯想自身文化的過去、現在和未來,並且寫成小故事來體現歷史與文化傳統的內涵。Sara和Sean更在線上帶領大學生練習運用故事架構,即時共同創作出一篇好玩的英語故事。這次跨國線上聚會讓大家見證了自己的無限的想像力與創作力,可說是收穫滿滿!


今年選修繪本編譯的大學生將為愛爾蘭小朋友所寫的故事翻譯成中文,並加上搞怪的插圖用圖文來一同參與The 100 Years Project,慶祝想像力與豐富文化的魅力!

2022 Virtual Reunion with Fighting Words Ireland 

We were so excited to have Sara Bennett, the General Manager of Fighting Words, and Sean Farrelly, the 100 Years Project Coordinator, to join us online for this event on October 4th. During this meeting, Sara shared her invaluable experience stimulating children and young people to write and draw. At the same time, Sean introduced the 100 Years Project, which has been inviting children in Ireland to share stories and ideas relating to their own diverse histories and cultural traditions. Sara and Sean conducted a mini workshop where they introduced the story framework and had the students practice co-writing a short story in English. It was a lot of fun observing the creative process of crafting a story and seeing the birth of these imaginative tales. This virtual reunion culminated in an impactful intercultural exchange that genuinely connected the human gift of imagination and the aesthetic pleasure of storytelling.


This year students who take the Picturebook Translation and Editing course will be translating and illustrating the children’s stories from the 100 Years Project. Together with our creative words and drawings, we are ready to celebrate the imagination and the cultural richness of the tales from Fighting Words.

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