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30th November 2021



鼠太郎雖然全身烏溜溜,但長得卻像倉鼠。福太郎是裡面最大隻的,所以牠當上了國王。鼠太郎們為了入侵地球,每天都在打造宇宙飛船。 牠們的目的是要偷走地球上所有的起司!









牠們回家的路上,宇宙飛船的油箱警示燈突然亮起。福太郎說:「哦不!燃料用光了!」牠們倉皇地折返回地球。大約十分鐘後,無意間來到了一所學校的操場 ,這所學校位於愛爾蘭都柏林北方的斯沃司。一個孩子出現在福太郎面前,並撥了點火腿給牠吃。福太郎覺得太好吃了! 


Written by Cillian (Age 9, Co. Dublin)

Translated by 白宛玲  石佳儀  沈畇榕  楊喬恩  黃翊婷

Illustrated by 丁怡甄  鄭語瑄  林悅萱  沈子婷  詹子熙

​(Original Text)

A mouster is half hamster and half mouse! They live on the moon, but nobody can see them because they live underground.


Mousters look mostly like hamster, except they are a very dark black colour. Frank is the biggest mouster, so he became king. The mousters work every day making spaceships to invade Earth. The aim of the trip is to invade Earth and steal all the cheese!


Frank planned to land in France and then move to The Netherlands, because he knew that they were great cheese makers.


Two weeks later, the mousters were ready to go to Earth for the cheese. After a long journey, they landed on the Champs Elysée in Paris. The humans were so shocked that they froze and then ran away in terror. Frank told his army to go into every shop and bring all the cheese back to the spaceship.  When they returned to the spaceships with the cheese, they set off for Amsterdam.


On their way to Amsterdam, Frank took the first bite of human cheese and spat it back out again. It was inedible to him. His army tried it and spat it back out too.


Frank said, “This journey was a waste of time. We need to go home.”


On their journey home, the red alarm light buzzed. Frank said, “Oh, no we’ve run out of fuel!” They started dropping back to Earth. About ten minutes later, they were in a schoolyard in Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland. A child came up to Frank and gave him a bit of ham to eat. It was delicious.


Frank decided he and his army were going to stay and take all the ham from the school lunchboxes. They lived there happily for many years and got very fat!

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