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The Boy Who Set Sail

23 June 2022

Written by St. Columba’s National School, Iona Road, 3rd & 4th Class 

Translated by  趙有筌  沈融  鄭詠睿 章庭嘉

Illustrated by 林燦羽  洪子集  戴進豪  游雅婷   羅方妘










(Original Text)

A family with a little boy were cleaning out the attic one day and they found a teddy bear.


The little boy ran to the window to look out at the sea. He had an idea to sail out and discover the world.


And then he thought about the teddy bear in his hand and said “I’m going to take you there with me someday.”


Then he decided not to because he was afraid he was going to sail off the edge of the world.


Later that evening he decided to name his teddy bear Jimmy.


He looked out the window again and saw that the sea was really waving because there had been a storm that morning.


When he grew older, he learned that the world was round.


He decided to sign up with the English Navy to get on a ship and try to find a new place.


When he got on the big ship it started to get really wobbly.


The boat started to topple over...

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