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19th October 2021

​繪本編譯與Fighting Words首次空中相見

為了讓圖文譯者與創作者更了解愛爾蘭小朋友編織故事的動機與歷程,這次很開心邀請到Fighting Words Ireland 總經理-Sara Bennett 分享她引導兒童與青年創作圖文的豐富經歷。

利用線上會議不受時差與地理的限制,Fighting Words 與大同應外繪本編譯課成功同步連線,完美實踐了一次寶貴的經驗分享與跨文化交流。Sara 講述了許多激發孩子創意與想像力的方法,也細心帶領著大學生們實際運用故事架構練習說寫故事。透過清楚的引導,講者讓每一個人都見證了故事交織的過程,並開始發掘自我潛力與說故事的樂趣。難得的國際互動讓大家收穫滿滿!

Picturebook Translation and Editing First Met Fighting Words Online!

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-10-31 151452_edited.jpg
螢幕擷取畫面 2021-10-19 184142.png

We were thrilled to invite the General Manager of Fighting Words, Sara Bennett, to share her invaluable experience with stimulating children and young people to write and to draw. For picturebook translators and creators, it was a great opportunity to discover the inspiration and creative processes behind the tales written by pupils in Ireland.  


Thanks to virtual meeting technology, Fighting Words and the Picturebook Translation and Editing community met for the first time without time and location constraints. This successful online event offered an effective platform that fostered knowledge sharing and cross-cultural interaction. Sara shared the ways to support young people by teaching them to harness the power of their own imaginations and their creative writing skills. Sara also conducted a mini workshop in which the participants practiced the narrative structure by co-writing a short story in English. Following her attentive guidance, the participants witnessed the creative process of story-crafting and the birth of a tale.


It was an impactful intercultural exchange that exemplified the human gift of imagination and the aesthetic pleasure of storytelling. 

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