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On a Moon Beam

19th October 2021

Written by Elsa (Age 7, Co. Dublin)

Translated by 白宛玲  石佳儀  沈畇榕  楊喬恩  黃翊婷

Illustrated by 丁怡甄  鄭語瑄  林悅萱  沈子婷  詹子熙








「哦! 嗨,小希」小奈說。「我正在試著消滅這場暴風雨。」















​(Original Text)

Once there was a mythical creature named Ned, who was part red panda and part unicorn. She lived in the land of Loopy, where blue waterfalls gushed and birds cheeped.


But on the day that Ned was going to be crowned queen, a vicious storm occurred. Everybody fled underground except for Ned. She wanted to prove that she was the right queen to protect her people.


Ned was very brave at first but now… not so much. The moon was rising, which was a very important thing in Loopy because that is what gives all the people of Loopy their powers.


Ned had powers too. She could control moonlight and the beams of moonlight give her strength. Strength for her to fight that nasty storm and stop it once and for all. She ran up the hills, towards the clouds at the centre of the storm.


At that moment someone popped their head up from one of the underground tunnels and said, “Is the storm over yet? I’m bored!”


It was Ned’s friend Sylvia, another red unicorn.


“Oh hi, Sylvia,” said Ned. “I am going to try go to get the storm to go away.”


“How?” asked Sylvia.


“I am going to the moon,” replied Ned in a determined voice.


“Well then I’m coming too!” Sylvia said.


“Thank you,” said Ned. Just then Ned felt something new and strange on her back. She had wings now, and so did Sylvia. They took off together and flew to the moon.


Ned felt stronger with her friend. They both focused their power on the storm and slowly shrank it into a crystal ball. The storm was gone and the land was safe.


“Let’s go home” said Ned.     


“Okay,” said Sylvia and they flew home together.

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