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你好奇百年前在愛爾蘭島上的孩子是過著怎麼樣的生活嗎? 愛爾蘭藝文中心Fighting Words 於2021-2022年間邀請了南北愛中小學學生發揮創意,以英語或愛爾蘭語寫出精采的故事,希望孩子藉著文字探索過去、現在和未來的連結。
今年大同大學應用外語系的大學生也將繼續為這些小朋友所寫的故事翻譯成中文,並加上搞怪的插圖用圖文激發你的想像力! 趕快往下滑,跟我們一起欣賞大小朋友跨海合作的成果吧!

The 100 Years Project 

What was life like for children and young people on the island of Ireland a hundred years ago? Fighting Words and Fighting Words Northern Ireland have been working with primary and secondary school students in 2021 and 2022 to create new stories that explore their links to the past, present and future of their cultures. Hundreds of children and young people from schools on the island of Ireland participated in this project using English and also Gaelic.

The students of TTU AFL have translated some of these stories into Mandarin Chinese and created the quirky illustrations to match them to boost your imagination. To celebrate this beautiful cross-cultural collaboration with us, scroll down to read the tales… they are available in both Chinese and in English! 



The 100 Years Project 

What Lives in Your Imagination? 

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