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2023-2024 全新故事企劃:

大同大學應外系今年將與愛爾蘭兒藝中心Fighting Words繼續合作,攜手策劃全新的故事計畫-The Magical Island Project。愛爾蘭與台灣皆擁有獨特的島嶼文化,因此這次邀請愛爾蘭的小學生與台灣的大學生跨齡創作,發想一系列神奇的島嶼故事。請鎖定我們的故事網站或Fighting Words的社群探索更多小作者的無限想像力。 

2023-2024 New Project Unveiled:
The Magical Island

We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Fighting Words Ireland for the launch of The Magical Island project this autumn. As both Ireland and Taiwan are islands, we invite Irish pupils and students from the AFL dept at Tatung University to create tales set on magical islands where extraordinary adventures are the norm! Stay tuned on the Story Meets Story website and Fighting Words social media to explore the imaginative stories crafted by these young storytellers!

2022-2023 The 100 Years Project 

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