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The Terrifying Monster

Written by Byron, Gaga, Benson and Yonce

Illustrated by Byron, Gaga, Benson and Yonce

Once upon a time, there was a man called David. Traveling was his hobby. He loved to explore new cultures, meet new people, and gain new experiences. Unfortunately, by the end of his vacation, his plane had crashed, and he fell to a little island shaped like a crescent moon, with a very huge and tall mountain in the middle of the island.

On this fantastic island, everyone was kind and friendly, but there were no children on the streets. David felt curious and asked, “Why were there no kids?” An old man walked past him and told him a dark secret…

In the tall mountain, there was a fearsome monster. It had sharp claws, fire breathing, and a deafening cry that was terrifying. Every year, they had to sacrifice a child to appease the monster, so it wouldn't come down to destroy the village.

“This is not fair,” said David. He decided to confront the monster. One of the villagers gave him a sharp sword for the creature's hard shell, and another villager gave him a suit of armor to protect against its sharp claws.

As David reached the monster's cave, things looked unexpected. He discovered that the so-called "monster" was, in fact, a kind-hearted witch. The villagers had misunderstood her. The “deafening cry” was just the witch's loud snores, and the image of sharp claws was because she left a scar on a tree as a home mark. The fire breathing was just an accident, a result of a gas explosion, nothing more.

David told the witch about the scary stories people believed about her. The witch was confused but soon understood why kids were sent to her each year. Instead of hurting the children, she had been adopting and taking care of them. David went back to the village and shared the truth. The villagers felt sorry for how they treated the witch and decided to be friends with her. They thanked her for taking care of their children. Since David missed home a lot, he asked the witch to use her magic to send him back home. With a smile, she granted his wish.

And so, the island, once shrouded in fear and mystery, became a place of happiness thanks to David's courage and the newfound understanding between the villagers and the once-misunderstood witch.









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