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1st June 2022


自2021年起大同大學應用外語學系與愛爾蘭兒童藝文中心Fighting Words共同經營Story Meets Story這個創意部落格。Story Meets Story收藏了大學生們翻譯編寫以及繪製的兒童故事,這些故事原著來自一群愛爾蘭小朋友為藝文中心舉辦的活動〈誰住在你的想像力裡〉所投稿的作品。大學生們除了將小朋友寫的英文故事翻譯成中文,更因受到他們的創意刺激而編織出故事續集,同時還動手繪製故事主角們的視覺圖像。今年五月我們決定在大同大學志生紀念館舉辦實體展覽,展出大家所改寫的故事以及搞怪又繽紛的插圖創作。不管是驚心動魄的變色龍冒險,還是對抗破壞河川的邪惡黑魔導,您可以瀏覽我們的網站找到更多精彩的故事又或按下照片一覽故事展的各處角落。

Story Exhibition: What Lives in Your Imagination? 

Since 2021, the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at TTU has been collaborating with Fighting Words Ireland to maintain this creative blog. On this website, our college students translated and illustrated stories about animals created by Irish pupils for the Fighting Words project—What Lives in Your Imagination? Inspired by this story collection, our students took it one step further to write sequels and design new portraits for the main characters. In May, we decided to hold a physical exhibition at Zhi-sheng Memorial Hall, a historical building on TTU campus, to showcase these magical tales plus some quirky colorful illustrations. From the thrilling adventure of a chameleon to the fight against an evil dark sorcerer who polluted rivers, you can find these remarkable stories on our website or just click the photos to take a peek at the exhibition.  

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