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An Adventure to Pixieland 

2nd November 2021

Written by Ruth (Age 8, Co. Mayo)

Translated by 何驊臻  莊皓婷  錢欣伶  楊鎧憶  郭芷妤

Illustrated by 龐啟真  張仁奎  王翔岳  李長軒  游政諺



















男孩從口袋裡掏出僅有的一支筆,準備朝巨龍身上刺去。 神奇的是,手中的筆瞬間變成了一把劍! 








巨龍砰的一聲倒下,所有小精靈高興地大聲歡呼 !




就在要接獲禮物的那瞬間,男孩一眨眼,又回到了圖書館 。




​(Original Text)

There was once a boy who loved the library. He thought that books could take him anywhere:  to the moon, to castles, to cities, to caves and even outer space!


One day, while the boy was at the library, looking at a book about dragons, a puff of smoke suddenly appeared around him! The boy wasn’t at the library anymore, but had drifted off to a land where dragons roam!


The boy opened his eyes and he was standing at the foot of a hill and around him were armies of pixies and a great, fearsome dragon! The boy was dressed in a suit of armour and he was in the midst of a fight! The boy’s eyes bulged as he saw the big dragon coming towards him. The dragon had yellow teeth, big nostrils with fire and he smelt really bad!


The boy heard the pixies shouting, “Fight the dragon, be brave!” The boy took his pen out of his pocket and held it out to the dragon. Miraculously, it changed into a sword!


The boy fought with all his might, but the dragon was quick and dodged the boy. The boy felt that he was going to lose. Suddenly he remembered what his grandfather used to say, “Never give up!” So, the boy tried again.


The dragon fell down with a thump and all the pixies cheered! They called for their king to see the victory. The king of Pixieland gave a prize to the boy for bravery.


At that moment, the boy opened his eyes and was back in the library.


The boy put the book back in the shelf, but would always remember that day, when he fought the great dragon.


So, when you feel scared, remember to be brave!

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